I love this time of year because I get a chance to slow down a tiny bit, and have a different set of tasks. I added one this week: journalling, in the form of this blog

You’ve been asking me, “what life like for a woman farmer?” I love that question, and can talk forever in person. But here, I can share what’s happening with everyone. You’ll get to hear my thoughts, useful CSA info for our organic farm, daily and seasonal rhythms. Come along and enjoy the adventure.

Farming is my “day job”. Always a wonderful and delicate balance to my life as a mother of three. Without further adieu, here’s December’s nutshell:

Farmlife is woven with the seasons. December in Freeland, Maryland is starting to show signs of winter hibernation. At Oak Spring the fields are manageable. I still have kale, bok choi, red butterhead lettuce and rainbow swiss chard growing in the fields under cover. In the high tunnels, or hoop houses, carrots are popping. Scarlet kale, lettuce, rosemary and thyme are still growing in the high tunnel. Like you, I want to eat my organic produce all year round! Oak Spring Farm will be an almost year-round farm in 2017.


What’s happening around the farm right now: Chickens need attention right now. I’ve doubled the flock for 2017. These new hens will start laying in April. We have Buff Orpingtons, Delaware, Rhode Island Reds, and Black Australorps. At this time of year it’s important that they’re kept indoors. Keeping them safe and alive is a year round adventure.

On another note, the end of the year means sitting back and reflecting on the business. We will be applying to markets and choosing drop-off locations. In the meantime I’m pouring over my favorite seed companies, Osbourne, Johnny Seed Company, Sedco and High Mowing Seeds. I’ll be doubling the CSA in 2017 so there’s a lot of planning to do.

I just joined AgSquared. I use them to crop planning, harvest dates, seed order, row feed. And I’m excited because In January I’ll be going to the Future Harvest conference which is three days of workshops and networking with other farmers

I’m really excited to be taking a class called “Tinkering with Tractors” (because when you have a farm you do everything). My other very big task right now is balancing my books, looking at my profit and loss, as all small business owners do!

Gotta plan now. I’ll keep sharing, so see you back here in January.