My passion for growing good food fuels me daily.
The love for seed in soil started so long ago… and still burns deep inside.

I never tire of fulfilling the potential a piece of land holds to provide nourishing food.

Food that brings family and friends together.

And I never take for granted the bounty we are able to coax from Mother Earth — from a healthy bed of baby arugula to the first summer tomato.

Do you know the feeling of your hands in cool, earthy medium, the scent wafting from the soil as it sifts through your fingers on a warm Spring day?

Nothing compares to watching a freshly-prepped garden bed morph into a French Impressionist work of art.

And nothing equals the experience of growing and harvesting your own food, then preparing and enjoying it fresh from your own patch of land.

These are the experiences I want to pass on to you with each and every robust, Certified Organic vegetable seedling we sell.

And it’s the beautiful bonding experience you pass on to your children (no matter their age), who learn how to care for their plants and grow their own wholesome snacks.

Whether you are a CSA member, a market regular, or purchase veggies from our farm store, you directly connect with your farmer and your food.

But when you garden, YOU are the connection.

Even though I raise tens of thousands of seedlings each year for my CSA farm shares, I raise even more so I can supply you with the healthiest plant starts around.

Truth be told, one way or another, I just want to get good food in your body!

Why Grow Your Own Garden?

1. To eat MORE quality, nutrient-dense foods like hard-to-find delicious heirlooms and off-the-beaten path varieties not found at the grocery store.

2. To learn something new: you’ll have a local, knowledgeable resource who now offers classes and training.

3. It’s a fun family activity that shows your children where their food comes from (which means it’s a great way to get them to eat more veggies).

4. It’s a FUN, relaxing & stress-reducing activity where you use your whole body in the fresh air and sunshine.


So what started as a way to help neighborhood gardeners by selling our “overstock” has now ballooned into our annual Spring Plant Sale

So mark your calendar for Sunday, May 7th and come get the healthiest veggie transplants available started from seed right here.

I could never have imagined how far my farm has come in the simple mission to share good food raised with love.

And to think, this all started with the simple desire to see what I could grow for my family.

Let’s see how I can help you grow for yours.