ladybug in spinachThis post comes from an e-mail I sent to my 2012 CSA members; many thought that I should have this information, these thoughts etc on my website somewhere…so I youngAmericana&Australorpdecided to stick it in a blog.
Hello all and Happy New Year,
I have updated my website with 2013 CSA prices and options.
The biggest changes- I have increased the summer CSA to 22 weeks and am offering full shares only. I will offer Saturday pick up and Spring CSA will begin in early April. It is to your advantage to split a full share (whether you pick up every other week or split your share weekly; your choice completely) with someone if you feel you need a ‘half’ share.
AWAeggcarton Price increases are necessary in my attempt to make this passion of mine into a viable business. The truth is it costs significantly more to raise food, the way I raise it compared to larger farms. And I believe that food from a farm like mine is the most nutrient dense, freshest, healthiest choice out there. Organic from the grocery store has often been shipped thousands of miles and comes from big factory farms who use lots of inputs (albeit organic inputs, but inputs nonetheless). Grocery store organics, like processed organics, are less nutritious and much less sustainable. I do this because I believe in it. I work hard to bring you a fresh, nutritious product from well cared for, compost enriched soil. I avoid calculating my actual labor because at the end of the day I make below poverty level income (below that – less than $2/hour in a good month! But I know I am worth more than that and am striving to make a decent wage for myself over time.) I only tell you this because I want you to know that I know about budgeting and I know every dollar you spend on your food needs to count. I appreciate that this is not spare change for you to pay. I want to try a new way of helping you get more of what you like in your box each week and less of what you don’t. I want to start a ‘swap’ box this year. I’ll get it started with a couple of items and then you will each be free to put in your least favorite item and take something you like more. You will always get some form of leafy green in your box-many of you have become very creative with chard and kale (kale is a favorite of my family) but I know it’s hard for some of you. And others can’t eat onions or eggplants, whatever it may be I want to try and help you have more choice. Any suggestions are appreciated. I have learned alot from my members.
yellow buttercup zucchiniI have switched to a locally grown, non GMO feed for the chickens. It is significantly more expensive and far healthier than the conventional mash and I believe it is the best choice for our farm. Eggs are $5/dozen and I could really use some winter egg customers!!! Please let me know if you are interested.
I understand you have choices and not all of you will return to my CSA for 2013. That is okay. I truly appreciate your interest and support in buying locally, organically grown food. If you do not return I hope you will try another local farm. New CSA’s are starting every year and every member is part of a bigger movement. I started growing food to provide my family with the best quality food available and found a passion for sharing this food with others. I truly love what I do and I love sharing it. Try a new farmer’s market this summer! We all make a difference and every dollar spent on a local food item is a dollar spend toward a better future for our children.
Okay, enough said, for now,
Thank you for your support,
yours in good health, strong bodies and a cleaner environment,