The summer session started this week! I made it out on Monday to take a few pictures and help out wherever I was needed. It was a busy day! There was a lot going on around the farm.

We had some help from a few volunteers. Allison and her son helped clean and sort the radishes, carrots, beets, and arugula. We love our volunteers! And I’m pretty sure the volunteers would tell you they love working around the farm! I know I do!

DSC_6527 DSC_6532

The bee keeper also came out to check on the bees.


On top of that, we had extra children joyfully running around.

DSC_6556 DSC_6560 DSC_6564

Here’s a sample of this weeks share. What a beautiful array of colors and flavors!


DSC_6512 DSC_6516 DSC_6529 DSC_6535 DSC_6584

And my personal favorite…


Have a great week! Enjoy!