I know it’s Friday…but I want to talk about Self Care Sunday.

Sunday’s are my day off.

Sure, I have chicken & greenhouse chores and often find myself toiling in the fields doing some of my favorite tasks (weeding for me is a Zen meditation) but it’s a day off managing the crew and a day off farm production.

I love Sunday.

My day starts slow with some quiet time, coffee & a little yoga, then a hike with my friend & the dogs, sometimes Quaker meeting, a few chores and family dinner rounds out the day.

There might be live music or a local festival to check out.

In the beginning years of getting this farm up and running I didn’t know what a day off was. I lived in overwhelm and anxiety.

Today, I embrace slowing down.

I know, if you know me you’re saying, ‘ah Lisa, sorry you don’t really slow down!’

Oh but I do.

So my point today, what I’d like to share with you, is the idea of adding a little more Sunday into everyday.

Maybe it means waking up a little bit earlier to have a little ‘Me’ time. For me it’s ‘Me’ time and my much needed 10 minutes of yoga. My morning ‘me’ routine has changed my life.

When I slow down, am more thoughtful of caring for my body and my mind, I work less & get more done.

I’m slowing down, finding the gratitude in the little things, and opening myself up to everyday miracles.

I’m learning the importance of finding joy in the little things.

Like when my girls actually put their dirty dishes directly in the dishwasher. OR when Henry, my teenage son, is on time for dinner and we all sit for a few minutes afterwards to swap stories and catch up.

My friend Karen (the flexible warrior) says ‘Don’t Postpone Joy’

I’m purposeful about my positivity and find gratitude for even the smallest niceties. I’m even learning to appreciate the contrast in my life.

I want to share a paragraph from Dagmar of Blissed-by-Nature Yoga Hikes. I recently spent an evening on a yoga hike with Dagmar and friends at Starbright Farm (featured photo) Dagmar understands the importance of slowing down, being grateful and finding joy in the everyday occurrences of our lives.

Here is a quote from her email.

‘Finding joy in the nooks and crannies of our lives is becoming a skill we need to nourish daily to counter the anxiety-provoking news cycle. Too often, we reserve jubilation for milestones—a wedding day, the birth of a child, or a graduation. When we think of joy as belonging only to big events, we sideline the many small pleasures strewn along the way. Finding joy in our daily routines makes it far more accessible and creates a positive feedback loop. The more we attend to joy in the ordinary moments of our lives, the more we experience it, and the more joyous we become.’

So is this a new concept? Nope.

Is it a good reminder? Yep.

I choose the company of like minded others who are slowing down intentionally amidst busy lives & look for joy in the everyday minutia.

Self care Sunday is as much a mindset as it is actually ‘doing’ self care.

So this Sunday make it a Self Care Sunday!

Tell me how you practice self care with both your mind and your body. I want to know! We’re all inspired when we focus on the good & talk about the good we do for ourselves. Taking care of ourselves takes care of those around us too.

It’s good for everyone.

Cheers to joy and self care Sunday!