In the memory of a cherished soul, we gather here today,
To celebrate a life well-lived, in our own special way.
A brother, husband, father, grandpa, uncle, and friend, so kind and generous,
Whose presence in our lives will forever be with us.

With a heart so warm and tender, he touched the lives of many, Spreading love, joy and mediocre jokes aplenty,
A guiding light in troubled times, a shelter in the storm,
He taught us strength and empathy, gave wisdom in good form.

In the role of a loving father, he was a steadfast guide,
Nurturing my dreams and passions, always standing by my side. With patience and with care, he’d lend a listening ear,
Supporting me through troubled times and wiping away each tear.

Not always in agreement with the choices I have made
He’d ask ‘What are you going to do?’, his attention always paid
He worried for me when the going got tough, dark times for sure we’ve been through And was prouder than most when I weathered the storm Thanks Dad, I really needed you.

As a devoted husband, the love of 60 years he’d found,
A partnership of laughter, & trust, where happiness abounds.
Together they faced life’s challenges, hand in hand they’d go, Creating a bond so beautiful, forever it would grow.


In memory of Sam, Henry & Izzi’s ‘Papa’ we pay our tribute

A loving soul, in their hearts, firmly rooted

He cherished his grandkids, a source of delight,

Their laughter and joy, always a precious sight.

In California’s embrace, visits so dear,

Papa and Grammi arrived with eternal cheer.

Their hearts brimming, spending days with Sammi so pure

Forming a bond with their first grandchild, a lifetime of love ensured


Papa in the garage, with Henry by his side,

Fixing engines with curiosity and pride.
Together they’d tinker, side by side they’d stand,
A duo of skill and partnership emerging, in strong heart and hand.

Papa’s little “smoochie,” a nickname so sweet,
The final baby of the bunch, my mini-me to meet.
With a heart so tender and gleaming eyes of blue,
She’d kiss his bald head, give him tight hugs and loud I love YOUs.

Though he’s departed, his love lives on, In every child he doted upon.
His legacy echoes, strong and clear,
A cherished uncle & papa, forever near.

Relationships were his treasure, so dear,
For in connections, life’s richness would appear.
A friend, a sibling, and a neighbor true,
His generous and trusting spirit, forever grew.

Though he may not walk beside us now, his spirit carries on, In every act of kindness and in each breaking dawn.
For in our hearts, he’ll forever stay, etched with love and grace A tribute to a life well-lived, a memory we’ll embrace.


So let us celebrate his life, with joy and gratitude,
Remembering the legacy he has left, the goodness he imbued.
As we bid farewell with tears and smiles, our hearts now gently mend, For in the tapestry of our lives, his love will never end.