I believe anything is possible when we put our whole hearts, minds, and energy into it. The path may be long. It may be scary.

But all possibilities are exactly that… possible.

Yes, change and decision can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Our minds will always find a million reasons why we can’t or shouldn’t push ourselves.

But why not?

Why not you?

Why not now?


I remember the day I decided to farm for a living, to stay and fight for my mortgage. Divorce was imminent. I hadn’t had an income in 14 years. I had one credit card in my name alone, and my credit score, for lack of activity, wasn’t great. I felt like my life was on a downhill spiral, and my mind was filled with so much fear, but my heart knew the answer. It was now or never.

It took two long, uncertain years to build credit and a profitable business that had been mostly a hobby… but I did it. I had to, there was no turning back.

Yet one simple question kept my fear at bay and pushed me to keep going:

If not now, then when?


So as you read about my own journey, ask yourself:

→ If not now, then when should I re-prioritize my goals?

If not now, then when should I make room for shifting a career or working harder?

If not now, then when should I commit to a consistent self-care practice, start eating cleaner, loving deeper?

If not now, then when?

So what have you been putting off in your own life? What positive changes are you ready to make?

Will you teach your children where their food comes from and ask them to help you prepare dinner? Eat more meals at home? Try new foods and recipes? Focus on buying local and being more active in your community?

And if not now, then when?

We all have our own journeys. But if you continue to hesitate, you’ll never know what new and exciting experiences are out there.

Why not join us on our CSA journey with your own farm share? Is it right for you? Take our quiz and find out.

If not now, then when?