CSA: Your Farm-to-Table connection for fresher, tastier living

Does it feel harder to eat well in today’s fast-paced world?

It’s hard to embrace a healthier lifestyle when there’s just so much to do and the grocery store produce is old, limp, and turns brown after 2 days.

Do your kids beg for Chik Fil A and cry when you tell them to eat their vegetables?… so you’re getting takeout for dinner more nights than you’d like to admit?

I’m here to tell you. You’re not alone.

What if you could get help making nutritious, home-cooked meals that excite your family?

Meals with bright, nutrient-dense vegetables your kids eat right up because they know where their food comes from.

Our CSA members often report they eat more vegetables since joining the CSA, and they have tried new veggies that they now LOVE.

Moms tell us their kids are excited to eat their vegetables because they came from the farm or Farmer Lisa or Farmer Austin.

‘My kids can taste the difference between veggies & fruits from Oak Spring. They will even say ‘Is this from the farm?’ Because they know it tastes fresher and better than store-bought produce!’

They love going to the farm and think it’s super cool knowing where their veggies are coming from. It has made them excited to eat a variety of veggies AND open to trying new things too!

Bridget L., mom of 2nd & 4th-grade boys

Joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program IS a transformative experience.

When combined with the convenience of customizing your weekly bag, it becomes a game-changer for both members and farmers alike.

We bring farm-fresh food to your table, AND we nurture community bonds and promote a healthier way of living.

The Oak Spring CSA Experience: You are Farm-ily!

Oak Spring is not your typical CSA.
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If I had a dollar for everyone who told me OSF renewed their love for CSA I’d buy some Bitcoin.

But seriously our CSA works so well for anyone committed to eating local food; especially those who’ve tried the traditional CSA way and just needed a little more flexibility and support with their weekly share.

‘Thanks Lisa. We have really enjoyed this season and were so pleased with the produce. We will sign up for next year! It’s hard to pick our favorite veggies, but I’ll have to go with the cherry tomatoes (they never made it into a single recipe – I would wash them and put them in a bowl on the counter and we would just eat them all as a snack).’ CSA member Karen W.

Why? Well for starters most CSA models are ‘You get what you get.’ This means you get a share of the harvest, weekly, and everybody gets the same exact box.

While this is a great way to eat local, support a farmer and be adventurous and exciting…it can be challenging. You may decide you don’t like a new food you’ve tried and it keeps coming in your box week after week…

We want you to eat this good food and we commit to helping you.

We understand that learning the CSA way is hard enough without juggling vegetables you don’t like or can’t eat due to dietary restrictions or allergies.

Our private Facebook page has expert CSA members to help the newbies. You can ask questions and get answers to your cooking and CSA (and maybe life) challenges.

The unique ability to customize your share weekly and set preferences ahead of time means less food waste.

Customization and Convenience

We use an innovative CSA platform called Harvie. Harvie is designed to make your life easier while ensuring you receive the freshest produce.

Here’s how it works:

  • Payment plans, rescheduling, and flexible pick-up locations

Pick a payment plan that works for you. No need to pay in full upfront. Easily reschedule your share when you’re on vacation or out of town for business; you can double up your share another week or donate it to the local food bank. Through the Harvie platform, it’s easy to change your weekly pick-up location too.

  • Customization

    One of the standout features of Harvie is its customization options. As a member, you rate all the items we grow ahead of time and you also have the flexibility to choose the items you want in your weekly share. This means less food waste.

  • Weekly Recipes and Recipe Library

    Harvie takes it a step further by providing weekly recipes tailored to the items in your share. This helps you make the most of your bounty and experiment with new and exciting dishes. But that’s not all – Harvie offers access to a vast recipe library filled with creative ways to prepare your vegetables. Say goodbye to food monotony and hello to culinary adventures.


What Else Do You Get?

  • Low carb vegetables
  • vegetables to contribute to liver health
  • vegetables to support hormone health and wellness
  • immune support vegetables
  • vegetables to support gut health
  • vegetables to contribute to brain health
  • heart-healthy vegetables
  • vegetables for a cancer-prevention diet
  • vegetables to include in an autoimmune diet
  • vegetables for preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum
  • More flavor, More fresh, More Yummy