Autumn takes on a whole new meaning today compared to years past. Trading long, sunny days for brisk Fall mornings and dusk before dinner once saddened me; It felt like the fun was over. Shorter, colder days were imminent; playtime dwindled like sand through the hourglass. I used to dread the end of Daylight Savings Time – having to dig out my winter clothes, hats and boots. But I’m learning to cherish the winter; a time for rest and solitude; a time for Mother Nature to gear down, go dormant and regroup.

This year, I couldn’t wait for Daylight Savings Time to end.. It was so hard to get out of bed in the dark (and even harded to get the kids out of bed!) Tired (ok, exhausted) after a long season of growing food and raising animals (and children), I knew it was time for a break. The shorter, cooler days were welcomed with outstretched, weary arms. I’m ready to bake bread and roast hunks of meat with rich, savory sauces; break out the preserved chutneys and canned tomatoes from summer’s harvest, enjoy them slowly, honoring all the labor, love, and sacrifice that went into their growth and preparation; I’m reveling in lounging on the ‘big’ bed with my kids reading Harry Potter and watching National Geographics ‘Great Migrations’ videos. I’m watching Mother Nature more closely these days and I’m learning. Rest, relax, and regroup. Spring will come again; it always does.