Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

We are excited to announce a new pickup location at MOMS market in Hampden on Tuesdays at 1pm!

A CSA consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a local farming operation where the farmer and the consumers share the risks and benefits of food production.

You can sign up here to be a member of the CSA. JOIN NOW. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


A CSA consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a local farming operation where the farmer and the consumers share the risks and benefits of food production. As a member of the Oak Spring Farm CSA…

~ You’ll be supporting a local farmer without the middleman which means making our community stronger.

~ Your fruits and vegetables couldn’t be any fresher which means they’re more delicious and more nutritious.  We literally just pulled them out of the earth.

~ It’s inexpensive.  Vegetables from the farm last longer so they’ll make it to the end of the week without going bad before you can use them.

~ Your personal likes and dislikes (and any food allergies) are taken into consideration when we pack your share.

~We’ll send recipes each week to help you discover the delicious flavors of that week’s selections

~On vacation or traveling?  Gift your week’s share to a friend, double up on your share the week before or the week after or we’ll donate it to the food bank in your name.


Shares in the Oak Spring Farm Vegetable CSA come in full shares (22 weeks) or an extended share of 32 weeks. In addition, you can add an egg, bread, cheese or fruit share.

An EGG SHARE includes one dozen non GMO, AWA pastured eggs each week.

A BREAD SHARE is 1 loaf of freshly baked local non-GMO bread from Golden Grains.  There will be a weekly rotation of 4 different breads:  Multigrain, Sourdough, Sunflower Flax and Cinnamon Raisin.

A CHEESE SHARE will be an 8oz block of raw milk (cow) cheese from Daily Crisis Farms in Harford County.  There will be a weekly rotation of Colby, Cheddar and Garlic & Chive.

A FRUIT SHARE starts mid June and runs for 15 weeks through mid September and includes Oak Spring Farm berries and melons, apples, blueberries, apricots, cherries, peaches, pears and plums from other local orchards.

The variety of produce and bounty depend on the season. At the start of the season quantities tend to be smaller, with a focus on young greens and root crops. In the middle of the season the variety and quantity will be in full swing. Lots of choices and extras. Tomatoes & summer squash are abundant!  By October the variety of vegetables has decreased once again with a focus on greens and root crops

For many people it is a new experience to follow the growing season so closely. It is a great learning experience and a great opportunity to learn new recipes and taste new foods!  You will receive a weekly e-mail that includes the produce we are harvesting, what’s going on around the farm, volunteer opportunities, and a new recipe to inspire you.


Vegetable Share – You will receive fresh organically grown produce weekly for 22 weeks (mid-May – end October) or for 32 weeks on the extended Share.  The price of a vegetable share is

  22-week share
Mid May-Mid Oct
32-week share
Early May – Early Dec
Pick up at Oak Spring Farm 600 800
Pick up at CSA locations 650 850
Add an egg, bread, or cheese share 150 220
Add a 15-week fruit share 180  

Shares include from 7-9 different items and what you receive is based on what’s in season on the farm…and what your preferences are. 

For example, in July you may receive a bag of salad mix, a bunch of Red Russian kale, a pound of fingerling potatoes, a pint of cherry tomatoes, 3 onions, a bulb of garlic, quart of green beans, 3 summer squash, a bunch of Italian parsley.

Reserve your CSA with payment in full during January and receive a $25 gift certificate + a bonus box of Oak Spring Farm products (value up to $30).

Choose our 3-2-1 payment plan: Pay a third of your CSA subscription in January, then 2 equal payments of the balance left in February and March.  Don’t worry, we’ll invoice you so you don’t forget!


We are also offering a four week starter share for $120, picked up at either the farm or the delivery sites. Try out our vegetable share for a month to see if you like it. 


Oak Spring Farm CSA Crops

  • Arugula-1 bag (.5#)
  • Basil-1 bunch
  • Beets-1 bunch (3-5)
  • Bok Choi- 1 head
  • Broccoli-1 head
  • Carrots-1 bunch (6-8)
  • Cauliflower-1 head
  • Chard-1 bunch
  • Cherry/Sungold tomatoes-1 pint
  • Chives-1 bunch
  • Cilantro-1 bunch
  • Collards-1 bunch
  • Cucumbers-2-4 pc
  • Eggplant-1-3 pcs
  • Fingerling Potatoes-1 pound
  • French sorrel-1 bunch
  • Garden Peas – 1qt
  • Green beans-1 quart
  • Haricot Vert Beans-1 pint
  • Head Lettuce-1-2 heads
  • Heirloom Tomatoes-1 Qt
  • Hot Peppers-1 pint
  • Kale-1 bunch
  • Celery-1 bunch
  • Mustard Greens-1 bunch
  • Parsley-1 bunch
  • Pea Shoots- .5#
  • Radishes-1 bunch
  • Rapini (broccolini)-1 bunch
  • Raspberries- .5 pint
  • Napa Cabbage-1 head
  • Red Potatoes-1 pound
  • Strawberries-1 pint
  • Scallions-1 bunch
  • Spinach-.5# bag
  • Spring/Salad Mix-1 bag
  • Sugar Snap Peas-1 pint
  • Summer Squash-1-3pc
  • Sweet Onions-1 bunch
  • Sweet Peppers-1-3 pc
  • Okra 1 Qt
  • Tatsoi-.5#
  • Turnips-1 bunch
  • Winter Squash-1pc
  • Heirloom Potatoes-1-2 pound
  • Zucchini 3-4 pc

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