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Farmers, are you feeling burnt out?

Does it seem impossible to achieve a work/life balance?

Stuck in a hamster wheel of early mornings and late nights, with little profit to show for it?

I’ve been there. I understand.
Let me help.

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What People Say About My Coaching

Coaching with Lisa was an excellent decision. I know what I’m doing with my business, and now my clients will get what they need from me because Lisa helped me uncover my power that was hiding underneath my purpose. Thanks Lisa!

Neva K. Tennessee

Owner, Hindsight Homestead LLC

When I signed up to coach with Lisa, I was stuck feeling confused about my marketing. In developing a new product, I didn’t know how to market it or what exactly I was offering.

Lisa expertly asks questions in a compassionate and analytic way in order to dig deeper into what I’m really thinking and feeling about my business.

By the end of our 30 minutes together I came up with a super clear plan for my product. I decided what I’m selling and when I’m offering it. And most importantly, I now feel pumped to get to work!

I can now stop spinning on confusing thoughts and really focus all my energy on what matters in my business: serving my customers with super fantastic products that bring me a healthy profit.

Thank you Lisa, for helping me move my business forward!

Greta Lewanski

Turnstone Farm

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