Pa Amb Tomàquet (Catalan Tomato Bread)By LisaMy maternal grandmother, Yaya, was a second generation immigrant, who's parents were from Catalonia, Spain. They were working class and the brought their culture with them when they emigrated to Brooklyn, NY. One of my most clear memories of Yaya's Catalan food culture is this dish, which she would make in the mornings to have with a cup of black coffee. It is a dish that my mother makes when we need something quick in the morning. It is the main link I have to my Catalan ancestry and it is absolutely delicious. Please try it out and have a taste of the Mediterranean!
Oak Spring FizzBy LisaSavor the refreshing simplicity of our Oak Spring Fizz. A gin cocktail, the ideal organic cucumber drink companion for these scorching dog days of summer. Infused with crisp Oak Spring Farm cucumbers and a burst of home-grown mint, this cocktail harmoniously blends with the botanical notes of gin, resulting in an invigorating symphony of flavors. Its natural freshness and subtle sweetness make this cocktail the quintessential summertime sipper, offering a cool retreat from the heat with each delightful taste.
Vietnamese Summer RollsBy LisaDive into our Vietnamese Summer Rolls, filled with Oak Spring Farm's vibrant produce, reflecting the bright taste of summer. Our crisp cucumber and cabbage along with aromatic herbs are encased with a variety of other ingredients in delicate rice paper package, making assembly a fun, kid-friendly activity. Easy to make and delightful to eat, these rolls offer a hands-on, flavorful bite of the season.
Blistered Shishitos with Honey Miso GlazeBy LisaIntroducing our Blistered Shishito with Miso Honey Glaze - the perfect harmony of simple preparation and complex flavors. Handpicked from Oak Spring Farm, the shishito peppers are quickly blistered to unlock their smoky notes. They're then tossed in a rich miso honey glaze, adding an enticing layer of sweet and savory umami. This lively dish serves as an excellent starter or a flavorful side, offering a delightful culinary experience that will kickstart your meal with a spark of unexpected flavor.
Ratatouille de RemyBy LisaIndulge in Ratatouille de Remy, an elevated take on a simple french peasant dish using Oak Spring Farm's finest produce. Expertly arranged zucchini, summer sqush, and eggplant are simmered in a rich sauce, blending farm-fresh flavors in a symphony of taste. This is a dish that will leave you, like any passionate critic, hungry for more.
Fettuccini alle ZucchineBy LisaDelight in the simplicity and flavor of our Fettuccine alle Zucchine recipe, featuring Oak Spring Farm's finest organic zucchini, garlic, and parsley. This dish transforms humble ingredients into a sumptuous meal, showcasing the vibrant taste of our freshly harvested produce. With al dente fettuccine twirled with tender zucchini slices and infused with a fragrant blend of garlic and parsley, this recipe promises a delightful farm-to-table dining experience.
Aunt Joan’s Crustless Summer Squash QuicheBy LisaThis "Zucchini Quiche" recipe is a Leinwand family favorite. We make it any time we go to a pot luck or when folks come over for a party. It's fast, easy, and hard to eat just one serving of.
Fantastic Fava FalafelBy LisaExperience a taste of Egypt with our Fava Bean Falafel recipe, using many items from your Oak Spring Farm share. A common preparation method in Egypt, this recipe uses fava beans instead of the usual chickpeas, enhancing the traditional Middle Eastern treat with a superior flavor profile. Close your eyes, take a bite, and be transported to a beautiful breezy day on the Mediterranean!
Grilled Romaine Caesar SaladBy LisaExperience a refreshing twist on a classic with our Grilled Romaine Caesar Salad. Our fresh Romaine lettuce, straight from the fields of Oak Spring Farm, is delicately grilled, adding a subtle smoky flavor that harmonizes beautifully with the crunch of the leaves. Infused with the creamy richness of homemade Caesar dressing and a generous sprinkle of hand-shredded Parmesan cheese, this salad offers a savory medley of flavors. Farm-to-table freshness, right at your fingertips — the true taste of Oak Spring Farm in every bite.
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