Lisa’s Favorite StuffingBy LisaNo other stuffing will do for Thanksgiving at Oak Spring Farm. This recipe is adapted from Lisa's favorite cookbook, "The New Basics", and is packed full of flavor. Trust me, you'll never go back to boxed stuffing after you try this. Packed with savory flavors and perfectly textured, this stuffing is a family favorite at the Thanksgiving table. Whether you're a stuffing aficionado or a curious cook, this recipe is for you. It's surprisingly simple to make, yet bursting with deliciousness. Thank you for being a part of Oak Spring Farm!
Radish Green PestoBy LisaElevate your kitchen sustainability with our Radish Green Pesto, a flavorful rescue for those spicy greens that often find their way to the compost. Transforming radish tops into a zesty pesto, this recipe not only reduces waste but also adds a burst of unique, peppery goodness to your meals.
Community Supported Veggie ChiliBy LisaOne taste of this Community Supported Veggie Chili and you'll experience a warmth that goes beyond the spice of the jalapeños. This unique veggie chili recipe embodies the spirit of community farming. Just as we all partake in the farm's bounty, you, in turn, share this good food with loved ones. Thank you for being a part of our community. We love making great food with you.
Fondant CeleriacBy LisaExplore the culinary excellence of our Fondant Celeriac, a delectable preparation that elevates starchy root vegetables to a new level of flavor and texture. With a crispy exterior and a creamy, indulgent center, this is our favorite way to transform this admittedly intimidating and ugly root into a gorgeous and savory dish.
Napa Cabbage Chicken SaladBy LisaEnjoy our Napa Cabbage Chicken Salad, a vibrant blend of tender chicken, crisp Napa cabbage, and the tantalizing flavors of soy, ginger, and rice vinegar. Add an optional jalapeño for an extra spicy kick, making every bite a harmonious fusion of Asian-inspired tastes.
Sweet Potato GnocchiBy LisaElevate your CSA share with our vibrant Sweet Potato Gnocchi. This recipe transforms a pantry staple into a gourmet delight. Surprisingly quick to make; your dinner partners will be very impressed when you whip this up for a weeknight dinner. Balance the sweetness of this "dirt candy" with the richness of ricotta and brown butter and the earthy tones of sage. We hope you love this recipe as much as we do!
Oak Spring Farm Quick Pickle GuideBy LisaUnlock the art of quick pickling with our comprehensive guide. Discover how to transform a wide array of vegetables into tangy delights, and unleash your creativity by experimenting with a spectrum of exciting flavors, turning each pickle into a unique masterpiece.
Cowpoke Candy (Candied Jalapeños)By LisaSpice up your kitchen with some Cowpoke Candy, adding a fiery kick and a dose of antioxidants to your dishes. These zesty treats are not only fun to make and share but also a flavorful addition to barbecued meats, salads, sandwiches, and brunch spreads.
Baloo’s Pawpaw Nut Crunch MuffinsBy LisaEnjoy our Pawpaw Nut Crunch Muffin, a tribute to the largest North American indigenous fruit. Favorite of Baloo, it's a flavorful symbol of the wisdom in looking closer to home for our resources.
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