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Feb 24 is National CSA Day–are you in?

What does being in a CSA really mean? If the thought of joining a CSA overwhelms or intimidates you, then read on!  This blog is for you! You probably know CSA means Community Supported Agriculture. You're familiar with the acronym; now let's talk about the details....

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Chickens & Eggs & Eggs & Chickens

Ten years ago, living an urban Southern California lifestyle, if someone had said, “you’ll be running a farm, raising chickens and a busy CSA”, I would’ve laughed!  And I do still chuckle a little at my reality of running this farm. I laugh at how happy I am and how...

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Winter Begins at the Farm

I love this time of year because I get a chance to slow down a tiny bit, and have a different set of tasks. I added one this week: journalling, in the form of this blog You’ve been asking me, “what life like for a woman farmer?” I love that question, and can talk...

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Oak Spring Farm is seeking a full-time farm assistant manager for the 2017 growing season (March-December). This position includes room and board and a starting wage of $1,200/month (based upon experience,) performance dependent wage increase every 2 months and year...

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The Case for Buying Local

We have so many options in this country of what to buy, where to buy and how to buy everything from electronics to vegetables. And we vote with our dollars everyday. It is challenging to make conscientious, healthful, environmentally correct decisions with every...

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2015 CSA

Great News!  We now have a Tuesday afternoon CSA drop at the MAC in Timonium. Sign up today.  Please help us spread the news.  Think Sping. Those beautiful, healthful veggies will be available again before you know...

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