A bit about Black Australorps… I love the low, chiding cackle of my Australorp hens. When I collect eggs they slowly circle around me chattering; wondering where their next treat is. Big, glossy, matronly hens move and speak with intention; they are very social.
Australorps originated in Australia and were developed from Black Orpingtons imported there from England. They are gentle and quiet: tremendous layers, even in the cold winter months, producing tons of large brown eggs. They are among the best egg producing breeds in the world, and currently hold a record for egg production.

A flock of Australorps is a lovely sight with their lustrous black feathers and bright red combs. Black is beautiful with these birds: in the sun, their feathers shine with shades of violet and beetle green! They are cold hardy birds that will go broody and make good mothers when they are not faithfully producing delicious eggs for your table.
They begin laying in as little as 5 to 6 months, they are docile and excellent foragers; These birds were meant to be pastured.