Yes, Farmers LOVE snow.

Late Spring frosts and summer flooding aren’t the only weather events that worry farmers.

Many farmers, like my farmer friends to the North, depend on “normal” winter weather—cold and snow— to cleanse, nourish, and water our farms.

We, here in the Chesapeake Region, have learned not to depend on long, deep freezes or a blanket of snow cover for any period. But there sure are benefits when this happens. And, as farmers, we are hopeful. It is supposed to be a snowy winter.

While it’s far from over, (we’ve just had some cold temps and snow) it is the warmest winter I can remember in a long time. Our ground has yet to freeze more than an inch or so deep and the recent snow melts as I write.

6 Reasons Farmers Love Snow:

The warm weather may reduce heating costs and make it easier on our animals, but we count on the cold for several benefits:

  • 1. Pest control: Many insects and disease-causing organisms are unable to survive through freezing conditions, which means we’ll likely have fewer pest-related issues in the next growing season.

  • 2. Weed control: Low temperatures can help suppress the growth of some weed species which means less labor for us during the growing season.

  • 3. Rest period for Perennials: Many fruit trees and berries need to go through a period of dormancy with a certain number of deep chill days to bear well the next year. A warm winter can translate into lower production.

  • 4. Insulation: It offers an insulating blanket for the soil and overwintered crops.

  • 5. Fertility: Snow is often referred to as a “poor man’s fertilizer” because it captures nitrogen and sulfur from the atmosphere as it falls. These two essential plant nutrients are released into the soil as the snow melts in the Spring offering a free fertilizing boost. Read more about soil health here.

  • 6. Moisture: The snow melt also restores groundwater and soil moisture levels.

  • Bonus: It’s beautiful and we love to play in it!

Less snow means less shoveling but snow offers some surprising perks as you can see. And you can share with farmers the same reasons to love the snow -it can benefit us all.

So the next time you curse the snow and cold weather remember we farmers look forward to snow and it helps us build and maintain healthy soils and replenish our water table.

Big Rewards of Winter Growing

We all eat better and local. With the winter share, we’re motivated to keep our members flush with fresh, nutrient-dense food. We grow this food because it’s what we want to eat —food that reflects our values and principles. And now we get to eat more of it. Hooray.

There’s something magical about growing food year-round in our climate. The frost-kissed vegetables and hearty greens that grace our fields defy the conventional notion that farming is reserved for warmer seasons.

It’s a testament to the resilience of nature and the dedication of our team to provide fresh, nourishing produce even when the world outside seems to be in hibernation.

But it’s not just about defying the elements; it’s about empowering our community. There’s a unique satisfaction in feeding an appreciative group of individuals who value clean, nutritious food with a small ecological footprint. Our commitment to this cause is not just a duty; it’s a passion that fuels our desire to share the bounty of our winter harvest.

The winter share is more than a box of produce; it’s a piece of our dedication, a slice of the farm’s story, and a token of the love we infuse into every seed we plant.

So, we invite you to join us. You may have missed this winter adventure… we are sold out of Winter shares. But Spring shares (mini 10-week share) are around the corner so grab yours now while they’re still available. Enjoy the freshness of Oak Spring Farm.

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