Welcome to Oak Spring Farm!

A family-owned and operated farm in Northern Baltimore County.

Find out what’s new for 2019! – with our new customization options.

You’ll discover the thrill of eating locally grown, lovingly harvested, freshly picked organic vegetables, in season and throughout the season.   We promise that the vegetables you buy from us and the eggs that our chickens produce are provided with the ultimate respect for the land we farm, the air we breathe and the community we thrive in.

Buying from a local farmer means that you’re getting food that’s healthy, delicious, sustainable, and environmentally conscious. Knowing exactly where your food comes from gives you a connection to the earth that translates into a better community, a healthier body and a happier life.

The Oak Spring Farm CSA is 22 weeks of fresh Certified Organic vegetables and fruits.  If you’ve belonged to a CSA before, you know the happiness you derive from having delicious produce, freshly picked from the ground, in season. If you haven’t belonged to a CSA yet, this could be your time TO JOIN.

What is a CSA?

CSA or Community Sponsored Agriculture where members pay all or part of a share price up front to secure a weekly portion of fresh, seasonal produce throughout the growing season. It is a win-win situation. The farmer gets capital when it’s most needed and the member gets the freshest, produce available while supporting a small, local business.



From The Blog

Customized vegetable boxes new for 2019!

Oak Spring Farms is partnering with Harvie to customize CSA weekly shares based on your preferences. By rating the different vegetables available this season with a ranking of 0-5, Harvie's software platform will customize your weekly vegetable boxes based on your...

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Feb 24 is National CSA Day–are you in?

What does being in a CSA really mean? If the thought of joining a CSA overwhelms or intimidates you, then read on!  This blog is for you! You probably know CSA means Community Supported Agriculture. You're familiar with the acronym; now let's talk about the details....

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Chickens & Eggs & Eggs & Chickens

Ten years ago, living an urban Southern California lifestyle, if someone had said, “you’ll be running a farm, raising chickens and a busy CSA”, I would’ve laughed!  And I do still chuckle a little at my reality of running this farm. I laugh at how happy I am and how...

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