We are a woman-owned organic farm

providing fresh veggie deliveries every week

to Baltimore City and County

Taste freshness every week

Join a Gardening Class Now!

Uninspired by dull, rubbery and slimy store-bought produce?

The problem is you don’t know where the vegetables come from or how long they’ve been sitting there.

Which means they’re not nutrient-dense or at their best.

Come to our farm because you can trust us and our lovingly harvested grown vegetables.

Everything is freshly picked and full of nutrients, guaranteed.

It’s the best food you can buy for your family, plus you’ll support a women-owned farm.

Come and discover your farmers

Learn about your food and see where it’s grown.

You’ll have the best and freshest tasting produce on your table so you can connect more with your family at meal times.

Make sure your family gets the freshest, nutrient-dense food money can buy so you can all live YOUR best life.

It’s time to support local farmers to connect with your community.

Discover the thrill of prepping, cooking, and eating farm-fresh veggies all season long.

Join our Farm-ily today so you can feel truly nourished.

What is a CSA?

CSA or Community Sponsored Agriculture where members pay all or part of a share price up front to secure a weekly portion of fresh, seasonal produce throughout the growing season. It is a win-win situation. The farmer gets capital when it’s most needed and the member gets the freshest, produce available while supporting a small, local business.


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Why join a CSA?

Why join a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture You've heard of it but you might not be sure what it means, exactly, right? Or why you should join one? Joining a CSA means you become a member of a community by committing to the purchase of a weekly share of seasonal produce. CSA...

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